Pioneer, especially in Horticulture

Realizing big plans often starts with small steps. You might see changes for your company, but who is going to take the lead if your management team is already busy on their current jobs? You might see changes in the market to add a new crop to your product range, but who is going to spend time on getting the routine of growing this new crop? For such projects Spek Horti is a good partner. 


Especially new projects and plans energize me. Again and again finding out new principles, looking into the edges of what nature is able of, always looking for what is coming next is what I enjoy. That can be a wide range of activities, from starting up a new production site until growing new crops. These kinds of projects fit best into my plant physiological background as well as my build-in curiosity.


Why hire Spek Horti?

With a degree in Horticulture focused on “Research and Innovation”, some years of experience in plant physiological research and a good dose of build-in curiosity, projects on the edge of what has been discovered, fit me best. Besides that, these projects are normally quite time intensive and hard to combine with running a company on a daily base. I can start open into a new project and can start off with fresh energy and focus. Of course this can be done on several levels of management. At previous projects I worked both at the executive as well as the consultancy side. Always in good cooperation and in the way which works best for your project.


Starting up a new location abroad

If you want to start up a new location abroad, it’s essential to have reliable boots on the ground with which you easily can get in touch. Besides that it’s essential that the pioneer you’re hiring for this job speaks several languages and can operate in a way which is cultural acceptable. With several years of experience abroad, Spek Horti is a good and reliable partner for you.


Starting up a new location in the Netherlands

Starting up a new location in the Netherlands, it is important as well that the pioneer you hire is reliable and can handle situations far from optimal. With some experience in improvising and helping yourself, Spek Horti can add a good portion to this. Of course in good cooperation with your current management team and on the position where you can use me best. Spek Horti is flexible.


Growing a different/new crop

The market of horticultural products is changing all the time, and opportunities in this market change as well. You might be thinking about growing a new or different crop. However, getting a good routine of growing a new crop can be quite challenging, especially if the crop hasn’t been grown in the place yet. With a solid theoretical base in plant science and several years of plant growing experience, Spek Horti loves to help you out. So that you can focus on other aspects of running a company.

Looking for a pioneer for your horticultural project?

Get in touch with me to discuss your wishes. I would love to put thought into your plans!