Interim manager, especially in Horticulture

Being an entrepreneur in Horticulture, you always can be on the lookout to find the right people for the job. Just when you think your whole organization is running well, your farm manager can call from his holiday destination:“I’m flying back home with a medical recovery flight…”Are you on a temporary base looking for a manager within your horticultural organization? Spek Horti loves to be your partner in this.

Interim management

Being an interim manager, you can hire me to fill in essential management positions within your organization. I can help you out in case of temporarily absence of a manager (due to sickness or burn-out for example) or to fill in vacant jobs while recruiting for a permanent employee. I’m also available for projects in which you need temporary expertise. Positions like a farm manager, crop manager or technical project leader do fit me well . By hiring me,you can assure yourself of focusing on the job you like to do best. Or you can focus on finding a good successor…


Why hire Spek Horti?

In recent years I have been working for several horticultural companies, both in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Those organizations were mainly related to the cultivation of flowers or potted plants. Every entrepreneur, company, team and crop is different. The experience I gained by working for these organizations brought me independence, flexibility and adaptability. I like to work with direct communication lines, switch quickly, show some courage and am 200% committed. I am happy to put thought in it together with you to get out the best results.


Farm manager

As a farm manager, I can get into depth into a horticultural company and can get to know the necessary elements quickly. Besides this more technical side, the social side is important as well. I usually get along with several types of people. Till so far I have managed teams up to about 30 people.


Crop manager

Growing natural products is exciting. The only way to get a good feeling and routine on growing the crops is to get into the field or greenhouse. To feel what your plant needs. If necessary I redirect growing parameters, of course in good cooperation with you or your experts. Over time I have got used to several different growing systems and I’m always in to learning about new systems.


Helping out in the season

Horticulture is known for its peaks in trade. Around special days, growers often get to handle massive amounts of product. I love to put thought into how to make processes more efficient within your company. You can see me as an extension of you, the entrepreneur. Extra hands and eyes on the floor. You can hire me to help you out through busy periods.

Looking for interim management for your horticultural organization?

Get in touch with me to discuss your wishes. I would love to put thought into your plans!