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With a certain amount of experience, I can take a fresh look on the processes at your company.

Being a grower in horticulture, your attention is divided over several aspects of running a company. Especially in a time in which well-educated staff isn’t easy to find, it can be hard to get the right person for a specific job. Recruitment processes take longer and staff turnover is on average base higher.

At the same time, companies grow and become more professional. This stimulates the need for higher educated staff. Who is taking the lead if you want to start up a new location? Who takes over responsibility if your farm manager leaves and you haven’t found a good successor yet? Who strengthens your current management team during the main season?

SpekHorti wants to be a helping hand in these cases. With a solid theoretical background and a decent dose of experience on different levels of management at several companies, I can be hired on a flexible base for managing jobs at your company. As a pioneer, on an interim base, or for specific projects. Let’s get in touch!




Pioneering and building up companies is what makes my heart beat faster. Helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams and plans is what I prefer to do. I’m in a right place if I can take the lead while unburdening an entrepreneur. Besides that I happily think with you about how to get to the best possible result. After that, I stay until the project is finished. After having reached the set project goal I remain available for consultancy or interim observation.

  • Starting up new company sites (NL or abroad)
  • Change to different/new crops


You can hire me as an temporary professional to fill in the spot of a (temporarily) absent farm or crop manager. With a certain amount of experience, I can take a fresh look on the processes at your company. You can hire me as well for extra management support during the main season or another busy period of time.

  • Available as (temporarily) farm or crop manager
  • Extra management support during main season


For short term technical or theoretical projects you can hire me as well. I enjoy the challenge of making the automation running within your company or reaching a new quality level or certification. Until now I have been leading organizations up to 30 people. I love to get started with ambitious plans. Feel free to share your plans with me, I love to advice you on which parts fits best to my expertise.

  • Implementation of certificates schemes
  • Implementation of new organization policies
  • Installation of cultivation floors
  • Installation of watering systems (both rain and drip)
  • Assembling of conveyer belts
  • Available for short projects abroad




    My name is Reinder van der Spek and I´m a freelance entrepreneur in horticulture since 2017. I mainly work for organizations in the non-food part of horticulture. People describe me as energetic, flexible, eager to learn and independent. I have a background in agriculture and love to work at the edge of theory and practice. Two years after graduating at HAS university of applied science, I started growing flowers myself. Later on I worked for several projects both in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

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